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Aromotherapy to keep you glowing during party season

Once in a while, a massage therapist comes into  your life like an emissary from the land of well-being and makes your body feel energised and happy after every session, whilst recounting tales of goddess conferences in Glastonbury and Aphrodite retreats in Cyprus.

Luckily, I have such a person -  the very gifted Isabelle Weber - who kindly agreed to put this small piece together on how to use aromotherapy oils to perk you up during the winter/party season. Isabelle has been coming round to my house, once a month for the past three, for home visit well-being massages which combine aromotherapy, massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and back knot un-knotting.

Isabelle,  a qualified aromatherapist and Holistic Massage Therapist, is well-respected healer specialising in Pregnancy, Baby massage and Woman’s Health from Pre-Conception to Post Natal, Menopausal and Woman’s Cycles.

Don't forget, that if you are in any doubt about your state of health, which oils to use or how much, please contact Isabelle (her details are at the end of the article), as she has kindly agreed to answer any reader questions.

Aromatherapy to keep you glowing during the Party Season, by Isabelle Weber

Aromatherapy provides one with  the perfect mood-enhancing antidote to stress, anxiety, insomnia and discomfort. Essential oils can be absolutely invaluable during the party season and they are nowhere near as potentially damaging as many foods and drinks we ingest at this sensitive time,  such as coffee.

Massage is one of the oldest treatments utilised to ‘make people feel better’. It encourages the body to heal itself and restores balance to all cells, tissues and organs. The healing powers of touch and massage have been recognised since antiquity by all ancient civilisations, including the Chinese, Egyptians, Incas, Maya, Indians, Hebrews, Greeks and Romans. The use of aromatic substances in healing, far from being a newly-discovered therapy, has been with mankind since the beginning of time.

Aromatherapy is a complete psychosomatic system of healing, a holistic approach to health and well-being by means of aromas- scents derived from the plant kingdom. It can be described as an art as well as a science; an art because of the intuitive, creative and aesthetic aspects of preparing special blends for each individual person, and a science because it rests on sound scientific knowledge.

  • Oils to uplift you Mandarin, Tangerine, Roseood plus any citrus oil such as lemon, grapefruit or orange.
    • Oils to boost your immune system lemongrass, frankincense, neroli,petitgrain and sandalwood oil

    If you are looking for the perfect blend, here are some tried and tested suggestions which really do work.  You can use these blends in the bath, or in a diffuser.

    The Relax Blend (note: does not come with woman)
    Mix 10ml almond oil with 5 ml jojoba oil and add:

    3 drops mandarin
    3 drops neroli
    1 drop sandalwood

    The Revive Blend
    Mix 10ml apricot oil with 5 ml rosehip oil and add:

    3 drops grapefruit
    2 drops petitgrain
    2 drops rosewood

    The Balance Blend
     Mix 10 ml peach kernel oil with 5 ml Vitamin E oil and add:

    5 drops sandalwood
    1 drop palmarosa
    1 drop lemongrass

    If you are in any doubt about your state of health, which oils to use or how much. Isabelle would be happy to set your mind at ease, so please email any questions to

    Isabelle is based at the Alexandria Healing Centre in West Ealing and also does Home Visits. For more details, visit her website or  Phone: 0208 579 3355 or 079039 39 487

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