Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Stockholm Boudoir Stock Up

Pleasantly surprised by all the fabulous home ware shops in Stockholm, having visited two today which were absolutely delightful. One of them was SPITI, who's owner has travelled the usual suspects of exotic places (India, Morocco, Syria...) to select only the finest ornaments, cushions, candles, incense, teas ect ect for her shop. As you can see from the bedroom pictures I took, the shop is beautifully decorated, and once you are in there, you never want to leave because everything is so aesthetic and sensual. The shop attendant told me that lots of fashion magazines come and do their photo shoots in the shop.

All this handpicked, crème de la crème of exotic knick knackery will cost you though, as the prices reflect Stockholm's essence as a super expensive city (in my opinion anyway) as opposed to how much these items are valued in their places of origin. However, if you don't have time to travel picking things and have some spare cash to decorate your home, then I can imagine that this shop must be a firm favourite with the well healed, IKEA-shunning Stockholm crowd.

The trick with these kinds of shops is to purchase something that is really hard to find, original and reasonably priced in order to enjoy that full customer-satisfaction-without-feeling-ripped-off feeling we all look for in a shopping experience. So I purchased the most beautiful life-size white dove made of white ostrich feathers and sprinkled with glitter, for about £9. Will post a picture once I find a place for it to perch on when I am back home.

All the flowers you can see in the rest of the pictures are from another shop I visited, about 5 doors down from the SPITI. This shop was an emporium for the most beautiful faux flowers I have ever come across. And trust my I am used to detesting faux flowers. Once again, this shop was beautifully decorated, with every nook and cranny begging for your aesthetic attention.

The faux orchids where stunning. Lots of colours and styles to choose from, with an original selection of faux foliage to perk up the vase. All are super realistic and look better than the real thing, so a good investment piece.

Love it

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