Thursday, 29 October 2009

London Halloween Parties + Guest List Pass Giveaway

Elvira the Deco Flapper ......


Rouge Noir is the closest thing you can get to glamorous vampire blood

How nice is that this year Halloween falls on a Saturday, which only happens every seven years or something. There are lots of parties out there, and I have taken time to sift through a lot of them to showcase some of the funkiest parties around, dear reader.

I have also secured 2 guest passes for one of these parties, so drop me an email, telling me very quickly why you need to have some fun this Saturday, and I will put you and your guest on the door for free + you will receive a small Halloween gift to get you in the spirit of things. Deadline for entries is Friday 30th October, at MIDNIGHT.

Unlike our American cousins, here in weather-battered Blighty Halloween means dressing up as something scary, whereas in the US it seems like a good excuse to dress up like a sex worker and parade in suspenders. Nothing wrong with suspenders of course.

Inspirational Halloween Theme Dress codes for Blighty: Politicians waving expense claims (this can be done by stapling lots of receipts to a cheap suit), Carbs, Lewis Carol Characters, Silent Horror Film Characters, Victorian Asylum Lunatics, The Brother’s Grim (you will need two people for this), The Witches of Hackney, Peckham Warlocks, Burlesque Cyclops (just attach one nipple tassel to forehead), Venetian Masks, Cigarette Girls, Door Bitches with clipboards, Nurse with fake blood stains, dead movie stars, Bride of Frankenstein, Amy Winehouse on a bad day.....


If you are looking for a bit of glamour and want to get dressed up in old Hollywood style:

Hollywood Forever Halloween: Egg’s annual Halloween bash
Dress Code:
Your favourite dead star
From 10pm-6am, 31st October 2009

Tickets are £15 per person

Egg, Vale Royal, Holloway, N7 9AP

If your looking for really good House and Tech-house music and a friendly crowd:
Sizzle Halloween Party

Sizzle, London's underground House Music party, is back from the dead and shuffling out of the shadows once again to bring you quality House & Tech-house music, with a bit of a twist.
Dress Code: Anything Goes
Saturday 31st October 2009 10pm – 4am
£7 on the door
The Southwark rooms, 60 Southwark St, SE1

If you are looking for a “warehouse” party full of artfully dishevelled people and “warehouse dwelling types”:
Crossfire Halloween Massacre

The Crossfire Halloween warehouse party at a secret London location.
Dress Code: Anything Halloween-like

Well, not so secret now as the Venue is Hewett Street Car Park, EC2A 3NN.

From 9pm-5am
Tickets are £10 per person.

If your in need of a serious Shoreditch dose of Halloween fun:
Beach Blanket Massacre

BBB Shoreditch will be hosting its Annual Halloween Ball with performance daredevil Santa Gasolina.

Dress code:
Road Kill, Dead Beauty Queens, Hungover Zombies
Beach Blanket Babylon Shoreditch takes place from 6pm-1am,


Beach Blanket Babylon East , 19-23 Bethnal Green Rd , Shoreditch, E1 6LA

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  1. I'd love to visit London again. I went as a little girl and I bought a game called "Haunted Mansion". Funny I should recall that now in light of your Halloween post.

    True in the states sexy costumes seem to be the rage. Heh, heh I have some too as you can see, but really nothing quite gets the juices flowing like a good scare.


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