Thursday, 3 September 2009

British Girls know how to keep their men & women!

By the way, I got thinking the other day and I figured that if I was in a position where I had to host a fantasy slumber party, the guest list would read as follows:
Beatrice Dalle, Annita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull and Dita Von Teese. I also figured that the above Kimono from Madame V is the perfect girls night in attire.

Anyway, onto more pressing issues, get a load of this:

Almost one in three French women would wear sexy underwear for their men. But only one in ten British women would do so,” according to a survey by La Redoute.

Absolutely shocking news London Girls. What can I say. Well, I don’t really believe that stat. For a start, La Redoute is a French catalogue, so it’s potentially a bias source with commercial motives. Perhaps their nylon-ridden “underwear” is not doing very well in Blighty because the average woman knows she can trust M&S - or should it be S&M in this case - for those needs.


Have you noticed how every time there is an online luxury lingerie sale, everything beautiful sells out fast- I mean, have you ever been able to get hold of good piece 3 days after the online sale started? No.

It’s snapped up faster than Midori can tie a knot.

Lest we forget, there are some very sexy pieces out there, made of very little material, which cost a small fortune and which still sell out without the incentive of a sale. Trust me, our weather battered Island is filled with some very glamorous girls who are keeping themselves and their partners well enthralled with their lingerie collection and sense of the kinky.

And nobody does kinky better than the British. Who needs tastefully sexy lingerie, when a Madame V eye mask and an AP crop will do?
Even if you accord a small percentage to those who purchase luxury pieces because they are high-class sex workers, or frolicking at Killing Kitten parties, stripping for the elite or even glam good time girls painting the town a shade of rouge-noir, you are still left with a large percentage of the population who purchase these pieces for non-public relations related circumstances.

Take a look at ebay, and you can see how many Agent Provocateur and Madame V pieces are being bided for daily– it’s quite phenomenal. Everything sells out. Who are these people? The market is huge, almost insatiable.
Dita’s lingerie range totally sold out, in all its sizes.

Most women, be it French, British or Babylonian understand the power of good lingerie you see. It’s ingrained in our collective sub-conscious and allows us to worship the goddess Ishtar, from afar, without knowing it.

I do love French culture and blossomed intellectually within it's bosom, but I find it slightly irritating that The French still think they rule in everything – from the arts, to literature, to seduction. According to durex, the French Olympic teams were the only ones to only have intimate relations amongst themselves. Imagine that, a whole Olympic village worth of hard-bodied nationalities to choose from, and they were the only nation to keep to their own. This stat was based on the durex vending machines installed in the Olympic village by the way.

On another note, I can’t imagine Coco de Mer style erotic salons taking place in Paris either. Coco de Mer was the first company to revive the great traditions of Salons. These Salons date back to the Eighteenth Century where social gatherings in the 'grande salons' of private residences were fueled by intellectual debate, music and debauchery. The coco salons stimulate discussion and provide hours of unrivaled entertainment, education and enjoyment. And they are ever so popular, with places selling out all the time, at £60 a pop.

The October Coco de Mer Salon Calendar is as follows, just in case your inspired to take your destiny into your own hands!
Weds 7th October - Tricks to Please a Man
Refresh your bedroom skills in this very entertaining Coco de Mer salon - one of our favorites!

Thursday 8th October - Rosy Cheeks
A beginners guide to spanking. Learn the art of exotic spanking and other techniques of pleasuring a beloved bottom.

Friday 9th October - How to Eat a Peach: Pleasuring Her
Assisted by a willing colleague, Midori will show you many clever ways to pleasure a lady going far beyond traditional cunnilingus.

Mon 12th Oct - Tricks to Please a Man
Refresh your bedroom skills in this very entertaining Coco de Mer salon - one of our favorites!

Tuesday 13th Oct - Bedroom Burlesque and Seduction for Beginners
Bedroom Burlesque and Seduction for Beginners: Wiggle, Jiggle, Take it off with Confidence! (WOMEN ONLY)

Weds 21st October - Jade Love Eggs – maintaining and enhancing sexual power
Enhance your sexual health with this very informative class on Jade Love Eggs.

Thurs 22nd Oct - Female Ejaculation and the G Spot
Learn about female ejaculation's ancient history, current scientific studies, where the G-spot is located, how to have a G-spot orgasm, and how to get this wonderful feminine fountain flowing!

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