Monday, 24 August 2009

Vintage Deck Cards: Gypsy

Now, we like a good set of vintage deck cards here at London Girl and the latest addition comes from Sydney and features Gypsy Wood in various states of undress, quite literally.

Oh yes ..... in collaboration with artist Antoinette Starkiewicz and photographer Louise Whelan, a set of deck cards featuring Gypsy Wood posing in the nude with international iconic settings as backdrops are now available to purchase, as well as posters to adorn your naked walls.

Wood and Starkiewicz trawled through books and photographs selecting the settings and styles for each city with an eye to the kitschier side of the street, in keeping with Gypsy's obsession with travel-themed knick-knacks.

"Yes! Spoons, combs, Eiffel Tower statues, hats... all sorts of funny things. I've travelled so much and I love snowdomes and little necklaces and key-rings from different cities, little trinkets that remind you of places,” the kitsch-one explained.
"It's very olde-worlde and something I've always really loved. So it's a combination of cheesecake pin-ups and vintage travel memorabilia."

"When I was younger my little sister had a deck of vintage playing cards, the pin-up ones, and I was just obsessed with them for a very long time. All the different poses and style of the girls and how they were so pretty and innocent and yet so naughty and suggestive at the same time: sort of erotic, but nice."

"There were those two sides, that contrast. I guess doing burlesque and growing up in a vintage clothes store, it was inevitable that I'd want to do my own set."

“In this age of internet porn and babe magazines, I wanted to create something daring yet innocent, a positive message of being naked in the world through my playing cards," breathed Gypsy.

For your very own slice of Gypsy, don’t forget to visit here for DECK CARDS and here for the POSTER

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