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Tattooed Body Stockings: Suzie and the Sphinx


"The Tattooed Salomé" Moreau

Tattoo body stockings and hosiery are kicking off again, with bebaroque leading the pack yet again with their A/W collection, entitled 'Russian Dolls' which emulates ancient Russia.

"The collection draws upon Russian fairy tale imagery, exploring dark and gothic themes with refreshing bright and colourful twists. This playful contribution for AW09 uses bold gem colours, opulent embroidery, crystals and bows to magically evoke the country's enchanted story telling," state bebaroque.

Crafted in Scotland by Chloe and Mhairi using hand embroidery and print, the bebaroque products have the power to instantly update your wardrobe and turn you into the edgiest girl around. If you have not come across any of their designs, you must visit their website :

Galliano's "Suzie Sphinx" collection and the Body Stocking

Galliano was one of the first to put the idea back on the fashion lexicon when he incorporated tattoo body stockings into his “Suzie Sphinx” collection (A/W 1997-98).

Whilst sourcing more information about it, I came across a fantastic blog entitled Irenebrination: Notes on Art, Fashion and Style. The author of the blog, Anna Battista, stated the following in relation to that collection, which was very insightful:

"Some of my favourite paintings about Salomé are those by Gustave Moreau ("The Tattooed Salomé" and "Salomé Dancing Before Herod" for example), works that also inspired many years ago John Galliano’s "Suzie Sphinx" collection."

Follow-up versions
I have spent years on a quest looking for the right tattoo body stocking or top, with the main emphasis being to source a reasonably priced, delicately printed and applied on a sheer fabric tattoo top, bearing vintage designs.

At the London Tattoo Convention, I managed to purchase such a top with Japanese carp designs - but the colour was a bit too orange for my liking and the sleeves were too loose, ect I could go on and on.

And then bebaroque came along
So I was very happy to see that bebaroque are now providing their version of the tattoo body stocking.

"We loved designing the body wear. It was so interesting to add our textiles on to a different shape from hosiery, and to explore new and dynamic methods to expand our collections,” said Chloe and Mhairi.

They also have a great hosiery collection (just in case I did not repeat this enough times), which is by far the sexiest tight collection I have ever come across – as although I am not a tights girl (only stockings for me), these babies are fabulous.


For the full article from Irenebrination: Notes on Art, Fashion and Style please visit:

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  1. We're looking for a bodystocking that has tattoo Print. We have pantyhose with tattoo print


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