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String me along: An Interview with a G-String fan

For the purposes of research, one must go forth and seek the un-seekable - knowledge that is so hard to find you would need several camels, an old map and bravado to find it.

Today's knowledge comes from Guitar Dude - a modern day Victorian Orchid Hunter and an old-fashioned g-string fan extraordinaire, capable of shedding light on the unknown with the power of his wit alone.

With Carine Roitfeld citing that she preferred the boyshort panty to the g-string - is this tiny garment's days numbered? LondonGirl investigates....

I/V #1 Guitar Dude for LondonGirl

According to surveys, after years of reigning supreme the g-string is losing popularity with women, who are now opting for boyshort panties. How does this news make you feel?

Guitar Dude: In all honesty and in my humble opinion I would be most disappointed if this were to be the case. Although the boy shorts are a sexy fashion choice I do not think they can replace the G-string as the premier sexy item in any woman’s wardrobe albeit from a male perspective, which means not having to wear them of course. I won’t go into the male g-string subject here as I believe calling upon the image of Mr Stringfellow is by far descriptive enough.

As a boy growing into manhood the g-string and its swimwear counterpart fuelled nearly all of my thoughts and fantasies, its design beautifully accentuating the natural curves of both the hip and bottom. Which is why a large percentage of men probably prefer for their femmes to wear their g-strings throughout their erotic trysts.

The link below is for an article which provides some insightful information about the g-string – notably that the string was worn during the pre-historic era. Have you come across any proof which could back this up?

Guitar Dude: Raquel Welch in 1 million years bc, not quite the thong but definitely along the same lines!

The thong is to this day still utilised in a lot of tribal cultures not limited to the tribes in the jungles of South America, some South African cultures and I think also the Aborigines. Some of these indigenous tribes have not altered their traditional attire due to its ease of use and functionality.

The article also talks about the Lola Luna strings and mentions that they can be worn as jewellery? Do you have any tips for women who will attempt to do this?

Guitar Dude: I am not certain what the author means by "using the g-string as jewellery". As a piece of intimate jewelled lingerie then no doubt --- but I cannot see them being used as for example: a pair of earrings. Saying that I am sure that some Vivienne Westwood wannabe showing off yet another ‘never to be worn in real life’ collection may use them as a glittery bracelet or animal print head scarf.

What tips do you have for the remaining women who are purchasing g-strings? What should they look for in a g-string?

Guitar Dude: Well a decent sized triangle back (in order to avoid the T-bar look), preferably ornate and nothing too low at the front or the normal femme will be forever waxing! I am not a fan of transparent materials; always look just a bit trampy.

What do you look for in a g-string?

Guitar Dude: As a guy I always look for a curvy female in a g-string. Sorry obvious answer! When I am looking for a g-string gift for my better half, I just look until something catches my eye.

What is the best g-string you have ever come across? Have you got a picture?

Guitar Dude: I found several pictures on my internet travels which double up for missing cd covers on my ipod. Perv to the end! I do have a picture which I can forward at a later stage.

Have you ever come across a woman who used her g-string as a slingshot during an argument?

Guitar Dude: This is a phenomenon that I have heard about but never seen. It is my belief that the G-string and its myriad of uses have yet to be fully appreciated and understood.

And finally – have you seen an old black and white film called the GSTRING MURDERS, whereby a serial killer strangles burlesque stars with their own g-string?

Guitar Dude: No, I can’t say that I have. I think a film where burlesque stars killed serial killers with a carefully chosen g-string, possibly made of barbed wire, whilst wearing a g-string sounds much more up my proverbial alley!

Thank you Guitar Dude for putting the G back into G-strings.

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