Thursday, 6 August 2009

So what happens now

IMAGE: coco-de-mer

Day 3 of being a blogger and I am not quite sure where to go from here.
After resisting to be part of the whole blog/facebook/myspace citizen journalism thing for so long- here I am with my own blog - which at present hosts a few pics of ladies in their underwear and information about some online sales - which is all a bit pants really.

Not sure how to categorise or niche myself either - should I go down the fashion/beauty route based on years of hit and miss, should I focus on musing on lingerie or should I go down the adult style route and comment on the coco de mer thigh-dildo strap attachement thing which made my jaw drop.

My interests are broad - like most humans: Alien abduction, surfing, ancient civilisations , mysteries of all kind, the concept of yugen, alchemy, algebra, decoding films like Inland Empire, using hallucinogens to talk to the dead, art deco interiors so what do I do ... muse about the mccartney undies one day and talks about ley lines in Carthage the next.
Of course, the beauty of the blog is that you can write about whatever you want - they say - but in these apocalyptic times we know that it's all about the niche - at least, at the beginning.

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  1. Dear London Girl,

    I believe that the 'niche' you speak of is actually yourself, therefore any of your musings on this the fantastical experience we lovingly refer to as life are all valid.

    A suggestion for a topic if i may be so bold is what seems to be the ever increasing volume of inter stellar traffic in our humble earthly air space, the complexity of a plethora of stunningly beautiful new crop circles.

    Are we the new inter galactic drive through?
    Are they hear to witness the last years of our decaying society before Planet X weaves its merry and destructive path past us, obliterating all but the chosen few in their illuminati underground strongholds?


    10 August 2009 12:00


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