Thursday, 13 August 2009

Lynch and Louboutin

Back in 2007, when the words credit went with card and crunch was associated with celery - Louboutin collaborated with David Lynch for a project entitled "Fetish" whereby the former created some very sexy bedroom heels and the latter shot the shoes in a sexy moody way.

One can only imagine how they bonded: Lynch loves his red curtains and Louboutin loves his red soles for a start.

"The models wore these unwearable shoes with natural grace. Their very white skin, very dark eyes and bright mouths melded with Lynch's aesthetics…As is his habit, David Lynch made it into a d├ęcor populated with shadows," said Louboutin.

The shoes and the images were exhibited at the Pierre Passebon Gallery in Paris as part of the Fetish exhibition and it was met with adulation by the Paris Fashion Week crowd - who could not get enough (how predictable).

One of the more recent fashion collaborations which got the Lynch treatment was that fantastic Gucci by Gucci advert - so fucking epic - in fact I knew that Lynch had directed it as soon as I saw it because I had the same feeling as when I watched Inland Empire.

Lynch is very much into transcendental
meditation a, which is coming accross more and more in film-making (a kind of 23rd letter of the greek alphabet (psy) in film-making).

David Lynch sells his own brand of coffee on his website - which is a really quaint thing to do for a Hollywood director if you think about it.

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  1. hmm i was trying to establish if the model in the picture was in fact victoria beckham and then i realised that this is obviously a website of taste!


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